Top Fireproof Gun Safe Picks

If you’re shopping for a gun safe you can kill two birds with one stone by also shopping for a fireproof safe. Most of the guns safes on the market also happen to be fireproof so instead of buying two separate safes, one for guns and one for something else, combine the safe and get the best fireproof gun safe out there.

Here are the best gun safes guide top picks for fireproof gun safes:

1. Fort Knox Legend Series Gun Safe:

fort-knox-legend-gun-safeAbsolutely nothing is going to get through the Fort Knox Legend Series. These gun safes are the only ones on the market right now that are made with a three by 16 steel body. They’ve also got an additional ten gauge reinforced stainless steel liner on the inside for that little touch of added protection.

The reason this safe sits on the top of the Fireproof Gun Safe list is in it’s one and three quarter inch thick reinforced fire door and patented locking system. The locks on this baby are rack and pinion multi-gear mechanisms that have each bolt operating independently of the other. This is one complicated piece of gun safe technology.

Fort Knox is also a great company. You can trust that they will deliver your safe quickly and it will be of very high quality. Sometimes they’ll even help you install it in your home. The incredible hulk would have a hard time breaking these high quality safes open so you can trust that your valuables and firearms will be safe.

2. Bighorn Gun Safe 8-10:

bighorn-gun-safeThis one is actually the gun safe I have at home. I didn’t put it on the top of the list because the Legend is a little bit more durable against fire damage but the big horn is by far the best for the price. You won’t find a better deal when comparing quality and price than this rock solid safe.

It doesn’t have a lot of fancy frills but that’s okay with me since I keep it in my basement. It has a beautiful black textured semi-gloss finish with drill-resistant armor. The hinge system is attack proof so you don’t have to worry about that and it has two internal relockers and some pretty massive door bolts.

The door itself is four inches thick and made out of composite metals and it can withstand up to seventy minutes in the fire. The interior is plus and lined with a plain gray fabric. The shelves and all that jazz are fully adjustable so you can work around whatever type of gun you want to put in there. I definitely recommend checking this one out even though it is around eight hundred dollars.

3. Browning Platinum Plus Gun Safe:

browning-gun-safeThe Browning Platinum Plus Gun Safe is probably the best gun safe on the market right now. I love this safe but sadly I can’t afford this thing. It costs almost five grand and has a ton of bells and whistles that I just can’t see myself needing. But, if you’re looking for the top of the line fireproof safe and have the budget to blow on something like this, I would really make you consider the Browning Platinum Plus.

The first thing I noticed about this safe was the beautiful high gloss enamel finish. The manufacturers of this piece of hardware really took the time to craft an attractive safe with game scenes, scroll designs, and gold plated spoke handles. You can even get these babies made to order if you’re willing to wait a few weeks for it to arrive.

They’ve got ultra-heavy three by sixteen steel bodies with one hell of a thick duo-formed door. The locking system has three cams and some models have even more than that. Of course they are drill-resistant as well and they have not one, not two, but five layers of fire-resistant insulation and these things can cook in a 1200 degree fire for up to one hundred minutes.

If you’ve got the budget that will allow you to own one of these, buy it right away. I’ve never seen a better gun safe than this one and I only wish I could afford the massive price tag. The price is the only reason it is number three on my list, otherwise it would blow the others out of the park.

If you get one of these three fireproof gun safes you’ll be in good shape. The first two are a little more on the bargain side but the Browning Platinum Plus is definitely something to gawk at if you have the money for it. Check out some of the online gun safe stores and browse around, there are lots of gun safes out there to choose from. Pick one that is right for you.

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A Review of the Browning Gun Safes

Whether you are a gun collector with a wide variety of guns, pistols, rifles and/or other firearms, or whether you are just your average person who owns a firearm or two, having a gun safe is very important. You will want to know that your weapon is safe from fire and theft or from someone in your home, such as a child, accidentally getting a hold of it.


If you are a gun collector, you may have already looked up a wide variety of gun safe reviews to find the best gun safe. One company that makes a variety of gun safes is Browning. Browning gun safes have been around the last 27 years. Browning makes gun safes for rifles, pistols, long guns, shotguns as well as making gun safes that can fit a mixed collection of different types of firearms. Therefore, no matter what types of firearms you collect, it is likely that you will find a Browning gun safe that will accommodate your collection quite nicely. Browning gun safes, like gun safes made by other companies, come in a variety of sizes. If you are not a firearm collector but would like a safe to store you gun in then you can buy one of the smaller gun safes; Browning gun safes (as well as some other gun safes) also come with small pockets or compartments to store other valuables in, which may make it more worth the price. If you have high budget in mind, you can check this roundup of biometric gun safes by and choose your gun safe. Alternatively you can go for winchester gun safe, if you are pretty sure about Winchester.

As far as whether Browning gun safes are better than other brands of safes on the market that will likely depend on what you are looking for. Whether your priority is having a gun safe that is aesthetic and blends well with your room’s existing decor, or whether you are looking for the most secure type of gun safe available, whether you are looking for something within a certain budget, or if you are looking to have a gun safe custom made or adapted to certain specifications. It may be worth your while to think of what your priority is in buying a gun safe as there are a wide variety of firearm collections that people own and what suits one person just right may not suit another person.

While Browning gun safes are not the most expensive brand of gun safe on the market, neither are they the cheapest. The prices vary greatly depending on what type of gun safe you are looking for, from Browning’s Medallion 55-gun safe with uni-force lock, which is selling for over US$4,000, down to just US$900 for Browning’s TheftGuard TG15 Sheriff gun safe.

Browning gun safes are quite good quality and do offer a wide variety of features. They are made to look attractive, so they are a nice looking addition to your room’s decor; you can buy them in at least five different colors (depending on what type of gun safe you buy). The most secure of the Browning gun safes are their latest model released in 2009, the ProSteel gun safe family. There are a few different models in this family, but they are supposed to be the most secure of all the Browning gun safes to date. Browning gun safes also come with a Duo Plus Storage Extra system, which makes it easier to store longer guns in one area of the gun safe and shorter, smaller guns in another area of the safe; there are also small compartments to store other valuables if you wish. It also makes it handy to get the gun you want out of the gun safe, which is a plus if you have a larger gun collection stored in the safe.

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Tips on Shopping for A Gun Safe

So your firearms collection is growing on the scale of both inventory and value, and you want to protect your investment. Bravo – consider yourself applauded. Before you go diving into a major purchase, however, there are a few key factors you’ll want to consider. Gun safes, see, may appear to be massive, dumb blocks of cavernous steel, but there’s a lot more that goes into them than that, including a whole lot of your money. You can also opt for popular gun safe brands such as winchester gun safes which is value for money.

As inferred, a quality safe, like many discussed on this site (Fort Knox, Browning, Big Horn…) is the product of mechanical engineering, tested trial and error, hundreds of man and machinery hours, and like any successful selling commodity, the fruit of a well executed business and marketing plan. All that said, you surely can’t be expected to know the ins and out at every unit you come across. But there’s no reason you can’t have someone else point out the well-made safes for you. Premium safe manufacturers typically apply their own signature touches to ensure that their product protects your valuables, but there’s one common goal that they all share, and that’s security.

Level of security is about the closest to a universally measurable characteristic you’re going to find when shopping for a gun safe. The most common unit of measurement used is the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) mark of approval. UL is a world renown product testing company which other companies hire when they want to put their claims to the test. And ‘test’ they do. UL doesn’t fool around. They have a staff of professional safe crackers to try to pry, drill, and punch their way into the safe. Not only do they have free reign over how they break in, but the manufacturers are required to give them the blue prints ahead of time. If UL endorses the safe you’re looking at, you know it’s built to hold up. Underwriters Labs gives very specific ratings on everything from small office safes to commercial bank vaults. In the interest of simplicity, you’ll want to look for a safe with some level of their RSC (Residential Security) burglary rating.


Unfortunately, unlike burglary protection, fire protection isn’t universally measured. As you browse the many gun safes for sale on the market, you’ll encounter any number of fire safe certifications. Whether its a Phoenix seal (Champion), a BTU rating (Liberty), or a third party endorsement like that of Intertek ETL (Cannon and Stack On), make sure you look a little into where you’re putting your money. The fact is, most safe companies make up their own fire ratings, and we’re more or less expected to believe them. Interior dimensions, environmental elements, contents of the safe; a huge number of factors make it difficult to consistently measure the effectiveness of fire resistance claims, but you can keep your eye open for a few key features.

One, a fire safe isn’t going to protect very well without insulation. Regardless of whether it’s sheet rock or fireboard, generally speaking, the thicker the better. Also important is how it’s distributed. One weak point can cause the whole thing to burn up in a hurry. Make sure that whatever material was used to insulate the safe, was applied equally everywhere. On top of that (literally), you want to find a safe with a tight, continuously welded seal. ‘Stitch welding’, a method often employed on cheaper safes give hot gas an opportunity to make its way through the interior, and once it does, it’s over. The general structure of the safe is also important. It’s very common for a safe to cave in during a fire, especially when the ceiling above falls on top of it. To combat this scenario, Liberty constructs the body of their safes out of just two massive pieces of composite steel for unmatched reinforcement. Other manufacturers like Browning and Fort Knox employ very similar methods.

A direct reflection of a safes’ quality, whether it be in regard to fire protection, burglary resistance, or resilience to the wear and tear of time is the accompanying warranty. Call me snooty, but I wouldn’t even consider purchasing a gun safe that didn’t offer some level of lifetime coverage. Of course, there’s a lot of reading of fine print involved. The three or four companies discussed in this article, all cover repairs, replacement, and the freight charges required to win over your customer satisfaction, but it’s not always the case. Some companies will cover anything and everything that goes wrong, whether it be floods, fires, crooks, or manufacturer defects. Others may offer lifetime protection on fires and burglary, but no protection on floods, and five years on wear and tear. One more thing to investigate when shopping for a safe, particularly if you’re looking for used units, is whether or not the warranty transfers to new owners. If you plan on handing this down through your family, and peace of mind is a big concern, make sure they’ll be covered too.

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GunVault Gun Safes Review

If you own firearms, you probably want to make sure they are secure not only for your families’ safety, but also against burglary. The first step in choosing the right gun safe for your needs is deciding what size safe you would like to own. If you are a hunter who owns many rifles, you might want to consider an upright gun safe that can store many different shotguns and rifles. GunVault gun safes come in many different shapes and sizes, so no matter which type of firearm you own, GunVault probably has the right safe for you.


The most important thing about GunVault safes is the safety mechanisms that are built into them. Their patented design means you won’t have to have any sort of key to get into them, as they can either be programmed with a combination of numbers which only you know, or you can set them to recognize your fingerprints, so that only you can get into the safe. The finger print safety model is probably the best model, as it requires your touch to get into. This type of safety mechanism is available on both the small and the large GunVault gun safes.

All GunVault gun safes are constructed of sixteen-gauge steel, which makes them extra tough and able to stand up to the roughest of treatment. This is especially important in the Mini and Mini-Deluxe models, as they are small enough to store in a closet, or at the office. They also have soft foam padding on the inside, so if you have additional valuables you’d like to store with your gun, such as family jewelry, watches, or even extra cash, you can be sure they’ll be padded and safe from any harm.

GunVault gun safes are build with precise fitting, which means these safes are virtually impossible to crack with traditional lock pick tools. In addition, they have an added security measure which completely locks out the keypad, making it impossible to access after a certain number of attempts without the reset code. GunVault has also taken power loss into account, as the Mini-Deluxe model features an audible sound which will alert you when the power is running low, which could prevent your safe from being secure. In addition, the keypad which is included on all GunVault gun safes has over 12 million programmable key combinations, so setting up your safe with a number only you can access is practically guaranteed.

In addition to the many safety features, GunVault also features a wide variety of sizes for your gun storage needs. As previously mentioned, if you’re an avid gun collector, you’ll want to look at the GunVault 5500 and 5900 series gun safes. These models are well equipped to keep your numerous shotguns and rifles safe, while also offering storage for ammo and various handguns that you have in your collection.

If you only own a small side arm, the GunVault Mini and Mini-Deluxe models are probably suitable for you. However, if you would like to keep the handgun you keep in your car or truck safe, then GunVault also offers the Micro gun safe model, which includes just enough space for a medium sized handgun and its clip. This style of gun safe is designed to slide easily under the seat of a car or truck, but still offers the protection that users of GunVault have come to rely on over the years.

Because all of GunVault products are made with safety and protection in mind, not to mention sixteen-gauge steel to keep your valuables safe, there is no reason to own any other model of gun safe on the market. GunVault has you covered.


Military Backpacks

The way military functions and the way on field battle occurs, have evolved because of the rapid change in the war zone due to technological advances. This is the reason why equipments related to military has evolved, developed and changed, becoming more productive and user friendly.

Military backpacks are the life saver of the soldiers on the ground and makes a lot of difference in their maneuverability, productivity and functionality. They should be made in such a way that it becomes easy for the soldiers to carry them while at the same time be very capable of fulfilling the large many functions military backpack is meant to achieve, which is a very tough thing to achieve simultaneously.


Military equipments including US military backpacks have undergone major change, for good, from the time when ALICE pack during Vietnam wars to now when highly upgraded MOLLE and ILBE which are amongst the few best military backpacks in the world, are used. The purpose of the best military backpack still remain the same, giving high mobility and easy functionality to the soldiers while being able to sufficiently carry all the tools, gadgets, equipments and accessories needed in the war zone to win against opponents and give an upper edge.

The MOLLE backpacks designed right after the ALICE load-carrying system had an up gradation also defined as inclusion of module system. It had pouches designed superiorly to make the soldiers more capable on site, where the equipments, ammo and personal weapons had its own space and was more easily reachable. It had a special system when the whole pack can be disconnected easily from the body on field whenever needed to ensure more productivity.

The newer and the latest version which was designed after the MOLLE system was the ILBE backpack system by the US Marines and it was far advanced than any of the other system introduced earlier. They are hard to find as they are the latest model, but the ALICE and MOLLE canvas military backpack are both easily available and used often by the campers, trekker and outdoor activities enthusiasts.

The ALICE military backpack system was the turning point in the world of backpacks and since the time they were used in the Vietnam war, the real use of backpacks started as it signified the importance and the use of it in the combat situations. However, they are outdated now and no more in service in the military, they are very popular among the civilians and used vastly by the people for mountaineering, camping, etc. CFP -90 was one of the US military backpacks which were used before the later two system were used after the ALICE load carrying system and is on record the first backpack system to use vest and pack advance system.

The military surplus backpack is those which are made available to the public for their personal use and this is the reason why the earlier back pack system are easy to find on net and shops. The newer backpack versions used currently by the military are not readily available to the public.


Airsoft Revolvers

Airsoft revolver weapons are a revolution in training, recreation and sporting fun. New technology has made it safer and more economical to purchase and use these guns for adults and older children alike. Law enforcement and military personnel use these weapons for training, they are popular for re-enactments and they are a much safer alternative than traditional BB or pellet guns.

Airsoft revolvers and other weapons were first developed for military and law enforcement training scenarios but are primarily used for recreational activities such as war re-enactments or simple war games. These weapons replicas are much safer than traditional BB or pellet guns. They fire a 6-8mm plastic bead at under 700 fps (feet per second). This is a drastic difference compared to a BB gun, which fires metal ammunition at over 1000 fps. Airsoft guns are made of plastic and some metal components though some models have outer metal housings. BB guns tend to be mostly constructed of metal parts making them heavy. While being shot with Airsoft guns on your bare skin will sting, proper clothing and protective gear can be worn for safety. An Airsoft pellet is not traveling fast enough to penetrate tissue unlike a traditional BB or pellet gun, which can send projectiles into the body.


Airsoft weapons are replicated from actual designs that are in and not in circulation today. Some of the most popular are the Airsoft revolver, shotguns and sniper rifles. Cheap Airsoft revolvers can be purchased online however many sporting goods stores also carry them. Most models usually come with some amount of ammunition, however; it is recommended that more is purchased as the plastic pellets are easily lost. They are inexpensive with basic manual handguns starting at around 20 dollars up to more sophisticated electric rifles, which can cost a couple hundred dollars depending on accessories. Some models are equipped to shoot either plastic pellets or smaller versions of paint balls.

A full metal Airsoft revolver can also be purchased along with a wide assortment of other metal housed guns. These models give the feel of the real thing and can still be lightweight. They are much more durable than their plastic counterparts are. These guns also come in an electric version such as an electric Airsoft revolver. Automatic and semi-automatic replica rifles and assault weapons are also available in electric versions. Accessories such as scopes, lasers or electric sites can accompany them or can be purchased separately.

Airsoft guns have been gaining in popularity over recent years and are a great alternative to more dangerous BB or pellet guns. A subculture of sports and gaming enthusiasts use these weapons for war games and re-enactments in a safe and controlled environment. Even military and law enforcement have utilized the relatively simple advance in technology to practice their skills. Replicas of the most famous and notorious weapons from past and present have been reborn in a fun to use and innovative product.


Beretta PX4 Storm

One of the more popular types of semi-automatic pistols that you can buy is the Beretta PX4 Storm. This gun is manufactured in Italy by Beretta and is very well known for its use by law enforcement personnel as well as a personal defense weapon. It is one of the more popular models that are used by those that carry a concealed weapons permit, because of the small size, safety features, and ease of use that it provides. We are going to take a look at several of the features of this model of gun as well as some of the accessories that you can buy for it.

The Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm pistol is one of the most advanced handguns that you can buy. This includes the way it looks and feels as well as the way that it actually functions. It is one of the most technologically advanced handguns that you can purchase. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is a favorite amongst those that carry a concealed weapon permit because it is relatively small in size, but yet easy to use.


In taking a look at some of the features, it offers you will see it is a very lightweight weapon. It has a rounded surface and works to prevent from snagging on anything when placed inside of a holster or other type of holding device. It has a round trigger guard that helps to make sure that the hand will be in the correct position when you are trying to fire the weapon. The safety lever is featured towards the top back on both sides of the weapon. You can find this in the same position on both the F model and the G model. This makes it very easy for all different types of people to be able to use it whether they are right-handed or left-handed.

The Beretta PX4 Storm compact design is great for those that want to carry it within their purse or within a small space. This is another reason why it is such a popular weapon. This gun comes with a staggered magazine that houses the ammo. It is very easy to remove and makes it simple for reloading quickly when in a hurry. It can hold up to 20 rounds of 9mmx19 ammo or 17 rounds of .40 S&W. If you are looking for some type of accessory, you may want to consider buying a high-quality Beretta PX4 Storm Holster.

The Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol is one of the top sold handguns for a reason. If you have not figured out why this is the case then you may want to read some reviews from people that have already purchased the gun to possibly give you some further insight as to why they love it so much.


9mm Pistol

The 9mm pistol is a very popular gun amongst weapon enthusiasts. It comes in several different models as well as a varying range of prices. Just because one model is more expensive than another, does not necessarily indicate how well it fires. We are going to take a look at three of the top 9mm pistols that you can buy for under $550. We will also take a look at some other specs and what makes them good options to choose. If this sounds like something you are interested in learning more about, you may want to continue reading on.

The first one we will look at is the CZ 75b model. It is very well known for its functionality, as it is a gun that does not jam very often and has a very nice feeling trigger. It also has extremely good accuracy and is one of the top guns in its class. If you are looking for something that shoots well, is consistent, and is a relatively good price then you may want to consider this model. You can get it for anywhere between $470 and $510.


The next one we will look at is the Beretta 9mm pistol and is the US military’s standard issue sidearm of choice. They replaced the M1911A1 back in 1985 and it is a very good weapon. It is probably one of the most tested weapons on the planet and is also considered a 9mm semi automatic pistol. It is designed to be used as a defense weapon for close range situations and is not used on a regular basis in the military field. It is relatively light, only weighing about 2 pounds and has an accuracy range of up to 50 meters. It can be purchased for right around $520 to $550.

The last one we will take a look at is the Baby Eagle 9915R pistol. It can be purchased for anywhere from $480 all the way up to $530, and is a very nice weapon. It handles a lot like the first one that we looked at, and is very well made. It is designed to last forever so if you buy this gun you will not need to worry about finding a replacement for a very long time. You should expect to shoot around 500 rounds before this gun is fully broken in.

The guns we have looked at so far are not necessarily the smallest 9mm pistol options out there, but they are excellent choices. If you need some additional accessories, you may want to consider buying a 9mm pistol silencer. These can add an interesting effect to these products and can make them very quiet.

Now that we have looked at the 9 mm pistol and three different options for you to pick from you should now have a good idea of what is available out there. All three of these that we looked at are very high quality and very popular models of this particular style of gun. If this sounds like something that interests you then you may want to consider trying one out or looking at one in the store.


The Advantages of Tactical Vests

In certain life threatening situations or during warfare, tactical clothing offers protection to the person who requires shielding while in action. Tactical vests serve to protect the upper portion of the body or the chest region in such adverse circumstances. A tactical vest guards the vulnerable body areas from the unseen objects and ammunition, which target the upper body.

The type of vest worn by a military servant would be different from the one worn by a police officer – it is dependent on the gravity of the situation. These can be lightweight and thin or insulated and thick, but always come with several pockets. It is also recommended that you buy a waterproof vest for use in all weather conditions. The vests are usually made of nylon, aramid fibers and ballistic materials to offer the greatest degree of protection, in order to lessen the trauma effect. You can search the Internet for a vest that is ideal for your particular body type and serves your needs.

Eagle Industries product named Aviation Tactical Assault Vest is worthy of mention. This product is versatile, durable and is created out of excellent quality materials. The weight of the product is 2.35 lbs and the price is $169.87. This is probably the most functional of all the vests available in the market in this price range. It is fire retardant, can be adjusted in height, as well as girth and has two huge interior pockets along with military style belt loops. Other suppliers of tactical assault vests include Leison E&T Co. Ltd, Quanzhou Haiheng Sports & Tour Goods Co. Ltd. You may get the product details through


The U.S. Swat Tactical Vest priced at $222 is especially designed to offer full protection to the torso of the wearer on field. This product has a truly practical and modular design. The six removable/modular pockets are able to accommodate a variety of things like flash bang/grenades, materials/assorted tools, carbine/SMG magazines to even a radio inside the radio pouch. This vest is currently being used by several law enforcement agencies as well as security or tactical training institutes. The material used is cordura and the product has both front as well as rear pockets. Another form fitting along with being highly detailed product is the SWAT Tactical Vest (M4) LTE Police Gear. This is a customizable product and is modifiable for easy fit.

On the next deployment, do not forget to be equipped with a Blackhawk tactical vest. The Blackhawk Products Group is a premier manufacturing unit for tactical vets, assault vests as well as military gear for the U.S law enforcement and military agencies. Their products are created to withstand very tough tactical emergency situations. Their superior standard tactical nylon gear is particularly famous all over. The double layered pouches of the vests can hold grenades, magazines, etc. All the pouches come with dividers and stealth hook or loop closures. For attaching extra pouches or gear, heavy-duty webbing is done on the back and the sides.

Military tactical vests are thus available in a variety of forms and specifications. Some amount of online research would go a long way to ensure you get the ideal product at the right price.


Airsoft M4 Rifles

One of the more popular types of airsoft guns is the airsoft M4 rifle. It happens to be one of the more realistic types of guns that they make and has a lot to do with the popularity of the military M4 rifle. There are many different places that you can buy these types of products as well as different models and styles. If you have an interest in airsoft guns and you would like to learn more about these particular types, then you will want to continue reading, as we will explain more about them. We will examine some of the different options you have that will include some of the specs, as well as prices you can expect to pay for them.

The first one we will look at is the full metal M4 airsoft gun. The particular model we are looking at is made by SRC and runs between $200 and $250. It comes with a V2 gearbox that has a magazine capacity of 300 rounds and has a velocity off 330 fps. It comes with an accuracy of up to 120 feet. It has a full metal body along with swivel mounts and is a very nice looking gun.


The next one we will take a look at is the M4 Carbine airsoft gun. This particular model is manufactured by ICS and has a very realistic look to it. They can be purchased for $290 and is one of the top products in its category. It has an electric power source and can fire at a rate of 750-850 rpm. The velocity runs right around 360 fps so it is a little bit higher than the previous gun we just looked at. It has received numerous excellent reviews from other people that have purchased it and used it.

The last one we will take a look at is the airsoft M4 grenade launcher. This one is much cheaper than the previous two models and you can buy it for around $65. It is manufactured by Boyi and comes with the grenade launcher feature. It can hold two magazines with 50 rounds each and features an electric system to operate the rifle. It has a velocity of 260 fps and does a pretty good job the price of the product.

If you are looking for a custom airsoft M4, then you will need to find somebody that can manufacture something for you. You can expect to pay a lot of money for a custom design but it may be worth it if you are really interested in air soft guns. You now have three different models that a little bit different prices and they all have good reviews that you can consider for buying. The M4 is a very well known military rifle and many people like being able to buy a replica weapon as an airsoft gun.