A Review of the Browning Gun Safes


Whether you are a gun collector with a wide variety of guns, pistols, rifles and/or other firearms, or whether you are just your average person who owns a firearm or two, having a gun safe is very important. You will want to know that your weapon is safe from fire and theft or from someone in your home, such as a child, accidentally getting a hold of it.


If you are a gun collector, you may have already looked up a wide variety of gun safe reviews to find the best gun safe. One company that makes a variety of gun safes is Browning. Browning gun safes have been around the last 27 years. Browning makes gun safes for rifles, pistols, long guns, shotguns as well as making gun safes that can fit a mixed collection of different types of firearms. Therefore, no matter what types of firearms you collect, it is likely that you will find a Browning gun safe that will accommodate your collection quite nicely. Browning gun safes, like gun safes made by other companies, come in a variety of sizes. If you are not a firearm collector but would like a safe to store you gun in then you can buy one of the smaller gun safes; Browning gun safes (as well as some other gun safes) also come with small pockets or compartments to store other valuables in, which may make it more worth the price. If you have high budget in mind, you can check this roundup of biometric gun safes by thegunsafes.net and choose your gun safe. Alternatively you can go for winchester gun safe, if you are pretty sure about Winchester.

As far as whether Browning gun safes are better than other brands of safes on the market that will likely depend on what you are looking for. Whether your priority is having a gun safe that is aesthetic and blends well with your room’s existing decor, or whether you are looking for the most secure type of gun safe available, whether you are looking for something within a certain budget, or if you are looking to have a gun safe custom made or adapted to certain specifications. It may be worth your while to think of what your priority is in buying a gun safe as there are a wide variety of firearm collections that people own and what suits one person just right may not suit another person.

While Browning gun safes are not the most expensive brand of gun safe on the market, neither are they the cheapest. The prices vary greatly depending on what type of gun safe you are looking for, from Browning’s Medallion 55-gun safe with uni-force lock, which is selling for over US$4,000, down to just US$900 for Browning’s TheftGuard TG15 Sheriff gun safe.

Browning gun safes are quite good quality and do offer a wide variety of features. They are made to look attractive, so they are a nice looking addition to your room’s decor; you can buy them in at least five different colors (depending on what type of gun safe you buy). The most secure of the Browning gun safes are their latest model released in 2009, the ProSteel gun safe family. There are a few different models in this family, but they are supposed to be the most secure of all the Browning gun safes to date. Browning gun safes also come with a Duo Plus Storage Extra system, which makes it easier to store longer guns in one area of the gun safe and shorter, smaller guns in another area of the safe; there are also small compartments to store other valuables if you wish. It also makes it handy to get the gun you want out of the gun safe, which is a plus if you have a larger gun collection stored in the safe.

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