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Airsoft revolver weapons are a revolution in training, recreation and sporting fun. New technology has made it safer and more economical to purchase and use these guns for adults and older children alike. Law enforcement and military personnel use these weapons for training, they are popular for re-enactments and they are a much safer alternative than traditional BB or pellet guns.

Airsoft revolvers and other weapons were first developed for military and law enforcement training scenarios but are primarily used for recreational activities such as war re-enactments or simple war games. These weapons replicas are much safer than traditional BB or pellet guns. They fire a 6-8mm plastic bead at under 700 fps (feet per second). This is a drastic difference compared to a BB gun, which fires metal ammunition at over 1000 fps. Airsoft guns are made of plastic and some metal components though some models have outer metal housings. BB guns tend to be mostly constructed of metal parts making them heavy. While being shot with Airsoft guns on your bare skin will sting, proper clothing and protective gear can be worn for safety. An Airsoft pellet is not traveling fast enough to penetrate tissue unlike a traditional BB or pellet gun, which can send projectiles into the body.


Airsoft weapons are replicated from actual designs that are in and not in circulation today. Some of the most popular are the Airsoft revolver, shotguns and sniper rifles. Cheap Airsoft revolvers can be purchased online however many sporting goods stores also carry them. Most models usually come with some amount of ammunition, however; it is recommended that more is purchased as the plastic pellets are easily lost. They are inexpensive with basic manual handguns starting at around 20 dollars up to more sophisticated electric rifles, which can cost a couple hundred dollars depending on accessories. Some models are equipped to shoot either plastic pellets or smaller versions of paint balls.

A full metal Airsoft revolver can also be purchased along with a wide assortment of other metal housed guns. These models give the feel of the real thing and can still be lightweight. They are much more durable than their plastic counterparts are. These guns also come in an electric version such as an electric Airsoft revolver. Automatic and semi-automatic replica rifles and assault weapons are also available in electric versions. Accessories such as scopes, lasers or electric sites can accompany them or can be purchased separately.

Airsoft guns have been gaining in popularity over recent years and are a great alternative to more dangerous BB or pellet guns. A subculture of sports and gaming enthusiasts use these weapons for war games and re-enactments in a safe and controlled environment. Even military and law enforcement have utilized the relatively simple advance in technology to practice their skills. Replicas of the most famous and notorious weapons from past and present have been reborn in a fun to use and innovative product.

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