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As the economy continues to sink, hunters are finding their skills are being put to the test of good use. They put food on the tables for their families and friends and avoid the increasing cost of beef. Hikers are traveling closer to home, the nightlife crowd is finding new entertainment in the outdoors, and survivalists are preparing for the worst yet to come.

Whatever your reason for seeking the great outdoors, good equipment will keep you safe and many times it will keep you alive. Do not settle for flimsy or cheap equipment. Choose Maxpedition gear and pick good quality, well made products. A Maxpedition backpack can offer it all to you.

When you are ready for a new Maxpedition pack, look for quality, storage and weight distribution abilities. Every pack offers something different and depending on what type of use you need your new equipment for, you have to consider all options available.


For the survivalist, lightweight with maximum storage is a good choice. Your pack should be easy to lift on and wear for long periods of time. Blending in with your chosen environment, color is a major consideration. Available accessories help to extend the use and versatility for short term or long-term use.

A Maxpedition Fatboy pack is a great piece of outdoor gear suited to just about any situation. Made of sturdy nylon material with a mesh sleeve, it is strong enough to with stand almost any kind of use and abuse in the wild. All stress seams are double stitched to provide extra strength.

The Maxpedition Fatboy pack is a shoulder sling design. It can be ordered for right side or left side wear. Maxpedition pouches and pockets cover just about every part of the pack. The back of the pack has a rear compartment for extra storage. It even comes with a small pouch for cell phone access and carry.

The shoulder straps are padded with a foam inner protection and have an ergonomic design; the pack rides easy on the body. This is a great product for persons with injuries, because it can be fitted to carry the weight away from the injured area of the body. This makes for an easier balance of load.

To clean your Maxpedition Fatboy pack you only need to wipe it clean. Do not wash in a machine. Not only is it weather resistant, it is grime resistant as well. Accessories can be purchased separately for the pack for added space and storage.

Accessories for your pack include a top quality holster for an easy carry and conceal weapon. Pockets and pouches are handy for ammunition storage. Quick pull from the side or pull from across the front puts your weapon at your fingertips.

Empty weight for the Maxpedition Fatboy pack is 17.6 oz. All information included with the pack provides how the pack is made, the material, size, pockets, accessories and all uses. Easy to store in your own Maxpedition bag, it fits in closets, drawers and any space available. This is a great product in a low to mid price range. It is the best carry all pack for anyone looking for new gear.

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