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Beretta 92fs

Beretta handguns are some of the most famous handguns in American history. They have spent more than 15 years as the standard issue side arm of the United States armed services. The Beretta 92fs is the brands all metal weapon with innovative features and a rigorous quality control production process. A versatile and all-purpose weapon desired by military and law enforcement personnel is also a beloved favorite of competition shooters throughout the world.

Brief Look on Beretta 92fs :-

A brief look at some of the features of this high quality economical handgun will give you an idea of why it is one of the most sought after firearms ever made. The gun is coated with Beretta’s proprietary black, non-glare Bruniton finish. This makes the coating of the weapon almost wear proof for rough conditions. This model has an open slide design that significantly reduces jamming, a combat muzzle crown and a positive thumb safety. The 92fs most closely embodies the design, look, and feel of the U.S. military dubbed M9 pistol, also made by Beretta.


Here are a few interesting facts about the construction and testing of this marvelous firearm. Each gun has to pass a rigorous quality control process of more than three thousand measures and a test for complete interchangeability of parts before it is shipped out. Reliability is a priority for Beretta since its firearms are used by military and law enforcement all over the globe. The average durability and reliability testing for M9 pistols, which are the same design used for the 92fs, is about 17,500 rounds without stopping. It is also said that during one particular reliability test, Beretta had made a pistol that shot 168,000 rounds without malfunctioning. The average durability of M9 slides, frames and locking blocks in endurance testing is 35,000, 30,000 and 22,000 rounds respectively. The Beretta 92fs is manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum alloy. On the FS models, the positive safety also works as a de-cocking lever and even has a chamber-loaded indicator that can be felt with the index finger.

A variation of the 92fs is the Beretta 92fs Centurion. This model features no combat muzzle crown and slightly shorter barrel and slide. Many of the same features and legendary engineering are found in the Centurion as in the base 92fs model. It holds 15 rounds in the magazine, has the same base frame design and a shorter dust cover. The 92fs centurion is one of many different variations of the famous handgun that Beretta manufactures.

The Beretta 92fs compact is yet another popular version of the renowned 9mm design. This gun features a 13 round magazine, a much shorter slide, barrel and overall frame. There are two types, the type L with the 13 round double stacked magazine and the type M with an 8 round magazine. This weapon has a much slimmer profile and is great for users with smaller hands such as women.

Along with these high quality firearms, the company manufactures a wide array of Beretta 92fs accessories. The company makes leather belt and hip holsters as well as under arm holsters for the 92fs. It also markets a line of cases and competition associated items such as professional holsters and safety glasses that can be used with the 92fs.

A word about a Beretta 92fs silencer or suppressor:

It is a violation of federal law to possess or use a silencer or other sound suppressor on any weapon unless sanctioned by the government in the United States. Beretta does not make or sell any such item for the 92fs for civilian or even law enforcement use in the U.S. Many places can be found online that sell suppressors and silencers marketed as compatible with the 92fs. While this may be true, you should tread with caution. Being caught with such a device is a serious felony, which could mean revocation of any state license to own or buy a firearm and possibly a prison sentence. Further, if you are not familiar with such accessories, it could be potentially dangerous or fatal to attach a foreign piece of metal to a high-powered weapon and fire it without knowing what will happen.

Beretta has a century’s long tradition of quality and craftsmanship, which has made it and its guns some of the most sought after in the world. The company provides firearms to military and law enforcement agencies all over the world. The 92fs and its various counterparts have been rigorously field tested to withstand the most grueling conditions and still remain a reliable weapon. Whether you are looking to purchase a Beretta 92fs for personal or professional use, you will be buying a quality product as well as a famous piece of history.