The Advantages of Tactical Vests


In certain life threatening situations or during warfare, tactical clothing offers protection to the person who requires shielding while in action. Tactical vests serve to protect the upper portion of the body or the chest region in such adverse circumstances. A tactical vest guards the vulnerable body areas from the unseen objects and ammunition, which target the upper body.

The type of vest worn by a military servant would be different from the one worn by a police officer – it is dependent on the gravity of the situation. These can be lightweight and thin or insulated and thick, but always come with several pockets. It is also recommended that you buy a waterproof vest for use in all weather conditions. The vests are usually made of nylon, aramid fibers and ballistic materials to offer the greatest degree of protection, in order to lessen the trauma effect. You can search the Internet for a vest that is ideal for your particular body type and serves your needs.

Eagle Industries product named Aviation Tactical Assault Vest is worthy of mention. This product is versatile, durable and is created out of excellent quality materials. The weight of the product is 2.35 lbs and the price is $169.87. This is probably the most functional of all the vests available in the market in this price range. It is fire retardant, can be adjusted in height, as well as girth and has two huge interior pockets along with military style belt loops. Other suppliers of tactical assault vests include Leison E&T Co. Ltd, Quanzhou Haiheng Sports & Tour Goods Co. Ltd. You may get the product details through


The U.S. Swat Tactical Vest priced at $222 is especially designed to offer full protection to the torso of the wearer on field. This product has a truly practical and modular design. The six removable/modular pockets are able to accommodate a variety of things like flash bang/grenades, materials/assorted tools, carbine/SMG magazines to even a radio inside the radio pouch. This vest is currently being used by several law enforcement agencies as well as security or tactical training institutes. The material used is cordura and the product has both front as well as rear pockets. Another form fitting along with being highly detailed product is the SWAT Tactical Vest (M4) LTE Police Gear. This is a customizable product and is modifiable for easy fit.

On the next deployment, do not forget to be equipped with a Blackhawk tactical vest. The Blackhawk Products Group is a premier manufacturing unit for tactical vets, assault vests as well as military gear for the U.S law enforcement and military agencies. Their products are created to withstand very tough tactical emergency situations. Their superior standard tactical nylon gear is particularly famous all over. The double layered pouches of the vests can hold grenades, magazines, etc. All the pouches come with dividers and stealth hook or loop closures. For attaching extra pouches or gear, heavy-duty webbing is done on the back and the sides.

Military tactical vests are thus available in a variety of forms and specifications. Some amount of online research would go a long way to ensure you get the ideal product at the right price.

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