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If you’re shopping for a gun safe you can kill two birds with one stone by also shopping for a fireproof safe. Most of the guns safes on the market also happen to be fireproof so instead of buying two separate safes, one for guns and one for something else, combine the safe and get the best fireproof gun safe out there.

Here are the best gun safes guide top picks for fireproof gun safes:

1. Fort Knox Legend Series Gun Safe:

fort-knox-legend-gun-safeAbsolutely nothing is going to get through the Fort Knox Legend Series. These gun safes are the only ones on the market right now that are made with a three by 16 steel body. They’ve also got an additional ten gauge reinforced stainless steel liner on the inside for that little touch of added protection.

The reason this safe sits on the top of the Fireproof Gun Safe list is in it’s one and three quarter inch thick reinforced fire door and patented locking system. The locks on this baby are rack and pinion multi-gear mechanisms that have each bolt operating independently of the other. This is one complicated piece of gun safe technology.

Fort Knox is also a great company. You can trust that they will deliver your safe quickly and it will be of very high quality. Sometimes they’ll even help you install it in your home. The incredible hulk would have a hard time breaking these high quality safes open so you can trust that your valuables and firearms will be safe.

2. Bighorn Gun Safe 8-10:

bighorn-gun-safeThis one is actually the gun safe I have at home. I didn’t put it on the top of the list because the Legend is a little bit more durable against fire damage but the big horn is by far the best for the price. You won’t find a better deal when comparing quality and price than this rock solid safe.

It doesn’t have a lot of fancy frills but that’s okay with me since I keep it in my basement. It has a beautiful black textured semi-gloss finish with drill-resistant armor. The hinge system is attack proof so you don’t have to worry about that and it has two internal relockers and some pretty massive door bolts.

The door itself is four inches thick and made out of composite metals and it can withstand up to seventy minutes in the fire. The interior is plus and lined with a plain gray fabric. The shelves and all that jazz are fully adjustable so you can work around whatever type of gun you want to put in there. I definitely recommend checking this one out even though it is around eight hundred dollars.

3. Browning Platinum Plus Gun Safe:

browning-gun-safeThe Browning Platinum Plus Gun Safe is probably the best gun safe on the market right now. I love this safe but sadly I can’t afford this thing. It costs almost five grand and has a ton of bells and whistles that I just can’t see myself needing. But, if you’re looking for the top of the line fireproof safe and have the budget to blow on something like this, I would really make you consider the Browning Platinum Plus.

The first thing I noticed about this safe was the beautiful high gloss enamel finish. The manufacturers of this piece of hardware really took the time to craft an attractive safe with game scenes, scroll designs, and gold plated spoke handles. You can even get these babies made to order if you’re willing to wait a few weeks for it to arrive.

They’ve got ultra-heavy three by sixteen steel bodies with one hell of a thick duo-formed door. The locking system has three cams and some models have even more than that. Of course they are drill-resistant as well and they have not one, not two, but five layers of fire-resistant insulation and these things can cook in a 1200 degree fire for up to one hundred minutes.

If you’ve got the budget that will allow you to own one of these, buy it right away. I’ve never seen a better gun safe than this one and I only wish I could afford the massive price tag. The price is the only reason it is number three on my list, otherwise it would blow the others out of the park.

If you get one of these three fireproof gun safes you’ll be in good shape. The first two are a little more on the bargain side but the Browning Platinum Plus is definitely something to gawk at if you have the money for it. Check out some of the online gun safe stores and browse around, there are lots of gun safes out there to choose from. Pick one that is right for you.

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